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European Campaign “Riga-Tallin-Brussels:
No pro-Nazi governments in the European Union”


Inside the European Union, in Riga (Latvia) and Tallin (Estonia), the highest authorities and the governments support neo-nazi activities and develop a negationnism aiming to rehabilitate the old SS and at denying the crimes of the Nazi holocaust. The whole in the deafening silence of Brussels and of the majority of the antifascists or Jewish groups.
We denounce since 1998 this situation, which is become intolerable with the entry of the Baltic States in the European Union in 2004. One remembers the anger of Brussels against the entry of the Austrian far-right in the government in 2000. Where are today the concrete protests and measures against a infinitely more serious scandal ? Does the fact that the Baltic governments are the best new NATO’s puppets explain this ashamed silence ?

Let us add that Riga also violates the democratic rights of the Russian minorities such as they are guaranteed by the European Union and practical  an insidious ethnic cleansing. 
At a few days of the 60th  anniversary of the victory over the Nazism, the news recalls us that Riga does not have its place in the European Union.

On April 27, the Riga city council has again banned a meeting of Russian-speaking organizations. On Wednesday executive director Erik Skapars rejected the application of the “United Congress of Russian Communities of Latvia” – a legal political formation – and of the “Headquarters for the Protection of Russian Schools” – a trade-Union – on holding a meeting near the Freedom Monument in Riga.

According to the two organizations, about 1,000 people were to attend the meeting. Its main goal was to call on the Riga authorities for ratifying the “framework Convention on the protection of rights of ethnic minorities” without exception. Work on them is now on in the parliament and government of Latvia. Thus, the authorities are going to adopt the framework convention with stipulations that would cross out the Russians – nearly 50% of the real population and the majority in Riga – from the list of ethnic minorities.

Earlier, the city council had many times rejected meeting applications of Russian-speaking organizations. In contrast, Latvian nationalist and neofascist organizations – including those of the Former Latvian SS – may set up pickets in the center of the Latvian capital without restriction.

When speaking at a history conference in Denmark, Latvian Foreign Minister Artis Pabriks devellop a revisionnist discurse and referred to annual marches by Lettish SS veterans as “modest processions of gray-haired war veterans, presented by Russia as a revival of Nazism in Latvia”. He also argued that the Baltic countries' assistance to Nazis during the second world war was a “myth and another example of Soviet misinformation”. Artis Pabriks added however that “It is rather deplorable to see a modest procession of gray-haired veterans pictured by Russian propaganda as a revival of Nazism in Latvia”, noted the minister. The “gray-haired veterans” are the former Latvian SS. Their first action in 1941 was the murder of all the Jews of Riga.

In the meantime, Moscow regards marches by former SS members in Riga as an immoral and inadmissible act. “Only perverted logic can be used to justify the situation when SS League officers are measuring out their pace in the center of the Latvian capital while police are cracking down on anti-fascists”, the Russian foreign ministry comments on the “traditional” rally of SS veterans, nationalists and radicals this year. And it was with the Latvian authorities' consent that this action took place. “It is all the more cynical that these moves are taken with consent from the government marking the 60th anniversary of the Great Victory over Nazism with persistent attempts to find support in European capitals for Riga's policy toward the revision of the results of the second world war. The Latvian leaders are also seeking to review the Nuremberg Tribunal judgments on the SS league as a criminal organization”, says the Russian foreign ministry.

The Latvian president, for herself, directly develops negationnist thesis, of the same type which is worth criminal judgments to the leaders of the French Froçnt National, or to neonazis like Ernst Zündel. Evoking the concentration camps of Riga, qualified  extremely precisely of “Latvian Auschwitz” (more than 100.000 murdered and experiments on children), she speaks in an official book – sponsored by the American Government – of “camps for rehabilitation by work” !

All this must be stopped : No  pro-Nazi governments in the European Union !

Total solidarity with our Russan brothers citizen of the European Union, fighting for their democratic rights !


On the sympathy of the Baltic Governements for former SS, read the Leader of Luc MICHEL. Read Here


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